Give your audience (and customers) what they want

Liam Sandford
4 min readApr 17, 2024
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What do your audience or customers really want? This is the question speakers and businesses are constantly asking. It is not a clear-cut thing that you should be able to answer, but you can get close by gathering data from your target market.

Being data driven in answering this question is critical. Otherwise you are just putting a finger in the air and hoping for the best. You might get lucky in this scenario, but you also may have nobody take away your key message or buy your product as a result.

It’s not just what you give people, it’s also how you communicate it. Some people believe if what they offer is good enough people will gravitate towards it, but that is not the case. Your messaging is at least 50% of the work. Without the message you are back to hoping you are giving people what they want.

Defining what your audience (or customers) want

To start, consider these questions:

  • What specific problem are you solving for the target market?
  • What area of life does your target market experience the problem?
  • Does the problem cause specific pain points or friction in their lives that they deeply care about removing?
  • What solutions already exist? And…



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