Give your audience moments through storytelling

Liam Sandford
4 min readMay 14, 2024
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Are you tired of hearing your friends tell stories that have everyone laughing and talking about long after it was originally told? Or want to be able to have your presentation audience be telling your stories long after the event? Storytelling can be incredibly powerful if done right.

But when it is done wrong, you leave friends bored, and your presentation audience checking their watches for an early exit. Part of telling a good story is about timing. Not just when you deliver what moment in the story, but the time in the interaction. Stories grab attention, but they often fail when you have lost attention or people are thinking about what happens after you have finished.

Humans resonate with stories because they combine your message with every day experiences they can relate to. Stories should be structured like a movie, but should never be a movie — both in length and believability.

Telling compelling stories is what makes your message evergreen — something that sticks around long after the event. People love it when you tell a story. You take it to the next level when you can tell their story. This is how you unleash the power of storytelling.

Open with a story

The peak of interest is right at the start of the interaction. That means there is…



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